North Toledo Taste

The North Toledo Taste was developed in the Polish immigrant neighborhods of Toledo in the early to mid-20th century.  Formulas and tastes changed in America and Poland due to cost-cutting production and distribution methods.  The tastes of the immigrant population were preserved in the small neighborhood butcher shops and family kitchens not concerned with the demands of the mass-market.

Small independent processors left the neighborhood, closing because they were unwiling to lower the quality of their offerings. Eventually they could not compete with large processors who extended lean, hand trimmed pork with cheaper, fatty trimmings, fillers, water binders, artificial casings, dried garlic powder and other flavor extracts which poorly mimicked the authentic taste the ethnic neighborhoods were known for.

As immigrants and their children moved from the original neighborhoods, they settled for what was availiable in the suburban chain supermarkets, where products were developed to appeal to a broad taste, as opposed to a genuine neighborhood market flavor.

Today, Stanley’s Market is the sole survivor of the family-owned Polish meat markets in North Toledo. Stanley’s Market proudly maintains the tradition, refusing to compromise quality.  The North Toledo Taste, embodied in Stanley’s Market kielbasa, consists of a hearty mouth-feel and a distinct flavor profile. The use of lean, choice, hand-trimmed pork, and a proprietary blend of fresh california garlic and spices, handed down three generations, result in unmatched aroma, eye appeal and taste. Tradition and uncompromising quality define The North Toledo Taste, which lives on Stickney Avenue!

If you would like to see Stanley's Market products in your local grocery store or on the menu at your favorite restaurant ask for the manager and request Stanley's Market products by name. 

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