Who is "Mr. Stanley"?

Mr. Stanley is not a name, it's a title. This title was bestowed on the original "Mr. Stanley" Stanley Goscin and has been passed down to Gene Zychowicz and subsequently to Gene's son Joe who runs the store and can be found behind the deli making sure that it is filled with the freshest meats, salads and Polish delicacies.

How do I prepare Stanley's Market Kielbasa?

There are as many recipes and ways to prepare our Kielbasa as there are Polish in Toledo! Be sure to bring the internal temperature of both our fresh and smoked products up to 165 degrees F. This is most easily done by bringing water and a bit of beer to a boil then adding the Kielbasa. Simmer this for 45min - 1hr or at least until you reach 165 degrees internal temperature. To achieve that great natural casing "snap" finish off on the grill or bake at 325 until skin begins to brown. For more cooking instructions, tips and recipes click here.

Why does my kielbasa appear pink inside after its been cooked?

As long as the internal temperature of the product has been held at 165 degrees for several min. the product is both physically "done" and safe to eat. Additional boiling will make the meat more tender but after 45min to 1hr may have detrimental flavor effects as the fresh garlic and secret spice blend is "boiled out". The occasional pink color phenomenon is due to fluctuating trace amounts of nitrate present in the potable drinking water here in Toledo. This compound is commonly used to develop the stable pink "cure" color found in many pork products such as cooked hams and smoked sausages. This marginal reaction has no effect on the taste or texture and is seasonal in nature.

Do you take orders ahead of time?

On most items we do take orders and guarantee them to be available. Some items require longer lead times to be guaranteed; these could be anywhere from several hours to a week or more for special orders. Simply call or email to ask about a specific product, but please be sure to leave a number so we can get right back to you. All orders will be filled by the deli staff on a first come, first serve take-a-number basis.

Can you accommodate my special order?

If you are having difficulty locating a specific specialty product or have a party or event to cater call or email and we'll work with you.

Can I get Stanley's Market Kielbasa anywhere else?

Stanley's Market Kielbasa is available at the original Polish Meat Market on Stickney Ave in North Toledo's Polish Village and now available through local caterers and select locally owned restaurants, and look for our retail line in a grocery store near you. Look for the Stanley's Market - North Toledo Since 1932 logo and if you don't see it ask for us by name.

If you would like to see Stanley's Market products in a store or restaurant near you ask for the manager and request Stanley's Market products by name!
All of our products labeled as "Homemade" are produced in store, and as Uncle Stashu always says: "It tastes better because it's never touched by human hands...only Polish hands".

How much kielbasa will I need for my order?

In our experience there are seldom leftovers of Stanley's Market Kielbasa! However a good guideline for party preparation is to plan 1/3 lb (or about 1/2 link) per person. Adjust accordingly if you plan to serve other entrees or if you are expecting hungry guests!

When will my internet shipping order arrive?

Orders will usually ship within ten days of receipt and a confirmation email will be sent with a tracking number so you can prepare to receive your order. Orders will be shipped out no later than Tuesday each week. Orders must be placed by Monday at noon EST to be received by the weekend. Orders received after noon EST on Monday will be shipped the following week. Shipping/Receiving times may be extended during Holiday weeks, please order early. UPS is instructed to release the package without signature at the ship to address in the event no one is home to receive the package. Requests for specific delivery dates may be made via email to MrStanley@StanleysMarket.com. All attempts will be made fulfill requests made in a timely manner.

Please note that UPS will not deliver to P.O. boxes.

Please note that Stanley's Market looses control of the package to UPS and is not responsible or liable for shipping delays related to an incorrect shipping address, adverse weather conditions, requested delivery to PO boxes, changes to shipping address, delivery refusal or as a result of the recipient not being available at the time of delivery. If there is an issue with your order, contact us immediately and do not dispose of the product or packaging. 

Will shipping costs be less if I pick it up and ship myself?

The prices in our "Shop Online" store include packaging. An average insulated shipping container will cost upwards of $15 plus the cost of ice packs or dry ice. We also can save you approximately half of UPS advertised shipping rates. Many people order product to be frozen and picked up at Stanley's Market on Stickney Ave. in Toledo to take home with them in their luggage. This is the most economical option as the freight is already paid via your ticket or gas money. 

Another tip when purchasing online is to add more items to your cart. There is a flat fee for shipping on some orders depending upon zip code. Add more items and then proceed to the checkout and when you arrive at the screen asking for credit card information, scroll down to the bottom to see the shipping quote. Split an order with family, a friend or neighbor and save on shipping!

How long does Kielbasa last in the refrigerator?

Stanley's Market uses a generations old recipe for kielbasa developed before using fillers, binders, and preservatives became the norm. We hold true to this recipe today and this produces a fresher, better tasting and higher quality product.

This means that you must enjoy these products within 2-3 days after purchasing. Freezing for up to a month allows you to extend the window you can enjoy the product without any loss in quality. Further freezing will result in progressive quality loss.
Cooking your kielbasa ahead of time provides an additional 4-7 days of "refrigerator shelf life". To view other tips and recipes click here.

(Hint: Buying early and storing in the freezer or combing with precooking is a great way to beat the holiday rushes!)

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