Barley Soup (Krupnik)

Pour 3 pints water over 1lb beef and 1lb bones and cook over low heat. After 1 hour add mixed vegetables (carrots, parsley, celeriac root, leek, and onion) and 4 small dried mushrooms. When the meat is tender, put the broth through a sieve. Cut the meat into cubes and the vegetables and mushrooms into thin strips. Cook pint of the cooked broth, salted to taste, with 4-6 oz. of pearl barley. When kasha is cooked, add 1 TBS butter and mix the kasha for a while with a spoon, until it turns white. Add cooked kasha to the remaining broth and after adding 3 potatoes diced into cubes, cook for another 15-20 minutes. Add diced meat, mushrooms and vegetables to the broth and salt to taste. Sprinkle with minced parsley.

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